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Tonight I added a little bit of colour to the website. I also started writing the rules of shotgun page. This is sure to be a controversial choice. I am still not sure what to do with the top left corner – I need something blue there, of that I am sure. COOL…I know…FIRE!!!!! (only blue). I could have a FLAMING LOGO!! this is the mark of a quality website.

I wish I could have frames without having frames. this would kick ass. I want to include as easily as a frames page, but with individual page names rather than framesets. Don’t mention ASP to me. I don’t wanna know.

PLAN: tomorrow I will try and do the archive – that will chock the content meter up a few notches, with little effort on my part. Maybe I could get the world domination scheme rolling. Heheh… soon the world will be ours.

Apologies to old / crap browser users – this site was designed for IE5 and looks like crap in any other browser. Let me assure you that in IE5 it look absolutely stunning. You should install IE5 (after disabling that troublesome antivirus software, of course). Umm, maybe I was overly ambitious with the stylesheets. I should have checked if olden-days browsers could read them properly before charging ahead. Never mind, you’ll soon catch up.

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  1. I have noticed that a lot of people are coming to this post through google searches for “flaming logo”. This post refers to an old version of this site (almost 5 years old). I had a flaming logo, with the flames provided by a small java applet that I purchased from http://anfyteam.com/anj/fire/fire.html

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