Predictions for the Future

I now have an online store. I have called it darrynShop™ and it is full of Star Wars stuff at the moment. The most I get from any sale is 15 cents, but I am not really doing it for the money. I am doing it because I can.

I have been busily scanning away, and in the next week will unveil Stage II of the photos section – the world until now. Another big upcoming event for will be the Sabotage 5 review, to be penned by our very own walking rek. I took a disposable camera along, so there should be some interesting photos when they get developed.

But the big news – I FOUND ANOTHER BROWSER THAT CAN SEE ME!!! You read right – IE5 is not alone in the browser market. Neoplanet shows the way it is intended, and it also rocks, to boot. Don’t even think about Opera – practically the whole site is invisible, except for my java heads in the logo, and they seem to have developed a mouse over event that plays the page load sound. The fire doesn’t burn either. Stupid Opera.

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