Thunk you Stig

Whilst watching walkingrek procrastinate over the Sabs V Report, I unearthed, and ‘corrected’ an old photo from the 2-800-THUNK launch at the East Village Bar nearly a year ago. I got drunk that night. I may or may not have shouted things.

domain craziness

In a recent spate of domain-purchasing craziness, I have added to my growing list of domains to be delegated. Those marked with an asterisk (*) were purchased on behalf of others. The contestants are:***

Hopefully Spong will do something with, so that I can parody him with Mine will be ‘racier’.

regular craziness

Today’s update brings minor, but important additions to the land that time forgot. I have finally added something to the affiliates page, since I received a link from Taelleon. OMG – an anti-linux page. Affiliates was formerly known as ‘leeches’. I have also added in the sabs V report, in an effort to de-procrastinate the walkingrek. Of course, when she does write the copy I will be screwed, because I haven’t got the photos developed yet. Oh yeah, and I just knocked together a world domination page, and a contacts page.

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