[SCoJ] has a new home

I was ?bored? last night so I decided to knock up a home for my CS clan, the Shining Crowbar of Justice. It is about time – the clan was formed before CS even existed, back when crowbars were a tough weapon to use. Anyway, check out the “site” here. Maybe in a few years… Continue reading [SCoJ] has a new home



How does it feel to treat me like you do? When you’ve your hands upon me And told me who you are I thought I was mistaken I thought I heard your words Tell me, how do I feel Tell me now, How do I feel Those who came before me Lived through their vocations… Continue reading BLUE MONDAY


I am not Tiger Woods

Today I spent a pleasant afternoon at North Ryde Golf Club, playing nine holes with Chris and Adam. As usual, the hire clubs were designed to fit the average man, and so I found myself making plenty of air swings from my high address point. Something I had never seen before – you had to… Continue reading I am not Tiger Woods

Near-Fatal Death March

In an effort to try something new and be ‘outside’, I went bushwalking with Remnant Veg yesterday. We trekked the Cowan to Hawkesbury leg of the Great North Walk which is listed as Medium. I think they average that out – most of the walk is pretty easy, but two early climbs are a bit… Continue reading Near-Fatal Death March