Most of you don’t know this, but I have an undocumented feature on Darryn.NET : every time I get a hit on the website the server makes a ‘bing’ sound. Tonight it made that sound while I was wondering what to do, so I decided to check the server logs. I was geekily delighted to… Continue reading Google-ised!


Hacked by Chinese!



Flavor Flav Cold Lampin’

Um lampin um lampin um cole cole lampinI got loowies boy um not trampinI just came from Da crib ya knowUm on da go throw ya tank into metroLive lyrics from the bank of realityI kick da flyest dope maneuver technicalityTo a dope track you wanna hike git out ya backpackUm in my Flav mobile… Continue reading Flavor Flav Cold Lampin’


Blast from the Past

Whilst shopping with Tristan today I got more than I bargained for. While Tristan was browsing RAM prices, I was being led outside by an insecure security guard who had something to say. Seems he had heard some stories that were just that, and wanted to tell me how he felt. It was hard to… Continue reading Blast from the Past