Blast from the Past

Whilst shopping with Tristan today I got more than I bargained for. While Tristan was browsing RAM prices, I was being led outside by an insecure security guard who had something to say. Seems he had heard some stories that were just that, and wanted to tell me how he felt. It was hard to work out what was going on, since he doesn’t know the truth and I don’t know what story he has been told. After some confusing and vague threats he made his retreat and I was left shaking my head.

Seems she is still manipulating her world in the unfathomable style that I came to know, all those years ago. I didn’t end up buying anything, and neither did Tristan.

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  1. To make this more clear: I was at the computer markets and was called outside by the shopping centre security guard, who happened to be Mark Nathan. He was quite irate, and made some threats. The weird thing was that I don’t know what he was talking about. He has reason to be angry with me, but that is not what he was angry about, he seems to think that I said something about him. I do not remember this.

    Mark is married to Emma Fail (now Emma Nathan) who I was in love with at the time of their wedding, about which Mark is aware. I asked her not to marry him, of which he is also aware. I had expected that to be his problem.

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