Kevin Borich Express

Last night my girl took me to the Basement for dinner, where Kevin Borich Express was the evening’s entertainment. This was a double first for me, as I had never been to the Basement, or seen a live Blues performance. Both impressed me, but the band was definitely number one.

Although I am not exactly a connoisseur of Blues music, this seemed a lot more like what I expect to be Rock ‘N’ Roll, but then again, categorisation is for Americans. I enjoyed it so who cares what the style is called. The Bass player, Harry Brus, particularly impressed me. His right hand seemed to have evolved for the specialised purpose of whacking bass strings – from where I was sitting the Tree Frog-like pads on the tips of his fingers were clearly visible. Combined with his habit of keeping his eyes firmly closed during the entire performance, he truly projected a surreal presence into the room, as much artistic performance as it was musical.

Special guest for the evening was Sue Cruickshank, who I was surprised to recognise, though from where I know not. About the same time they brought out the keyboard player, who was as ‘individual’ as the bass player. Kirsten made a comment that was too amusing to put in here, but it certainly fit the bill. Ask her, if you want.

A great night out: the food was good, the venue was good, the entertainment was great, and of course the company…


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