Lucid @ 61

Last night I went to a party called Lucid held at 61 Regent Street. Having been to this venue a few times before, I was surprised to find that this event seemed a lot more professional than the ‘doofy’ feel I had expected. I arrived later than I had planned, and missed Ajax’s set, but Kid Kenobi made up for this loss, and I was on the floor in no time. Dancing on carpet always wears me out, and after a while I went for a wander upstairs to check out the techno (read: rave) room. Darkened, with green lasers and fast music, the room transported me back many years and I got caught up in a techno-frenzy 🙂

After a few tracks I started to miss the breaks, so I headed back downstairs, to find that the techno had re-energised me – I was as light as a feather! This was like an epiphany for me – when I get tired I shouldn’t rest, I should GO HARDER! All those wasted years! Kid Kenobi seemed to go on forever, even though I was leaving every now and then to revive in the Techno Room. Eventually he did finish up, someone else good came on, then Abel. Abel was too slow for me, and not even techno could revive my spirit. I left, tired but filled with the new knowledge I had acquired. I have grasped the 2-Room System, and I will never go back.


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