The juice that makes you itchy

I just got home from the Hopetoun Hotel, where I caught the headliners, Choko. I was pleased that I actually managed to arrive before they started their set. They played most of the old faves, with the timely addition of “Bust a Move”, dedicated to a little lady who used a killer pickup line to her advantage. All this track was missing was a pair of “Skilltester” pants for the bass player. Track three was my personal favourite, “Glory Trail”, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

Both Rock Solid and Gus seemed to lag a bit halfway, but Mr Solid got his second wind to deliver a powerful close, all the more entertaining for the groupies he was fending off on stage. All to soon did they finish, without the pleaded-for Spice Girls cover. I was left excited yet wanting, probably some musician trick to make me come to their next gig. Then the surly barman was pushing us out, and I was left to wonder why the blonde had winked at me. Perhaps she was also having a second wind?


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