Tweekin R.I.P.

After four years of ‘funky beats for music freaks’, Tweekin will shut its doors forever, 3 weeks after the 4th birthday party. This announcement brings out mixed feelings in me.

With Tweekin closed, all chance of a return to the ‘glory days’ of 1997 have been dashed forever. I must accept that I will never again feel like the ‘King of Tweekin’. Unfortunately this is already glaringly obvious, considering that technically I am still banned, and the number of familiar faces decreases each time I go.

After Tweekin has gone, where will we go to hear good music? We will have to scour 3D World, weighing alternatives, looking for the gems amongst the rubble. We will have to be active in seeking out tunes, rather than passively accepting that Tweekin is where its at. This will lead us to discover new venues, new promoters, new DJs, new friends. With the death of Tweekin comes the birth of a new era, and I look forward to what this era will bring.


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