Think. Geek.

Yay! My tshirts have come! I just opened my package from thinkgeek, and the first 3 tshirts have arrived. They are the F*R*A*G, GEEK Candy, and Joystick Junkie shirts. They fit well and are good quality. I am happy. These shirts supplement my existing thinkgeek catalog: you are dumb v1.0; caffeine; C.H.I.M.P.; and Nerf Gun.… Continue reading Think. Geek.

Tweekin, Oh Tweekin

As I was driving home from work yesterday the track It’s Like That (Drop the Break) by Run-D.M.C. -vs- Jason Nevins was played on the radio. A chill went down my spine, as so many images of my past flashed through my head. Images of tweekin, and the way it used to be in the… Continue reading Tweekin, Oh Tweekin

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Dendy : Martin Place was the host cinema for Metropolis, an anime remake of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Although I have to admit that I did get bored at times, there were many outstanding parts to this movie. Foremost among them was the CGI. It was brilliant and detailed, although spoiled at times by the layered… Continue reading Metropolis


A bit of an update

OK, I have just rushed the latest build of into production, despite some major flaws. See if you can spot them. I think I have hit on a formula that will go the distance, so expect to see an end to the flux and more of a forward progression.. I only published to stop… Continue reading A bit of an update


Goddamn Hippies

I remember the first wave of green consciousness, at least in my lifetime. It was in the late eighties and early nineties, following the 20-year fashion copying cycle. We were pseudo-hippies living a packaged re-enactment. In this spirit of new oldness, an opportunity arose for organisations that do good to capture the imagination of youth.… Continue reading Goddamn Hippies


I know that it looks like crap

…but I decided that publishing a half-arsed effort is better than no arse at all. Please note correct Aussie spelling of the word ‘arse’. The page is currently changing, so I used the word FLUX in the Word Of The Week box. And when the site reaches eighty-eight hits per day‚Ķ


Bore: are you updating enough?

The title leads you to believe that this is going to be, well, a bore fest. And it is, indeed. I didn’t have a bad time reading it … but I think time has moved on.


Lima beans!

When I was a child, and even a teenager, I read books. Many of these books came from America, and in many of those the protagonist was a young boy, much like myself. There was a problem that many of them had in common: Lima Beans, or more specifically; getting rid of Lima beans. Their… Continue reading Lima beans!