I was right, I didn’t get much sleep last night. Tonight I will sleep like a lamb, knowing that my future is secured. Lane Cove, here I come (again).


A Big Day

Saturday was exciting for two reasons. It was my first “intermediate” kickboxing class, and I loved it. Gone were the technique drills of the beginner stream. Welcome to the world of sparring. I was paired up with an older guy who had a lot more experience and 10 kilos on me. I had a reach… Continue reading A Big Day



I have finally finished the Ghost Recon mission “Gold Mountain”, set in Tbilisi. I have been working on this mission for probably 2 weeks now, on and off. Spong and I have both independently decided that legacy games are the go and have been dusting off the old titles and reliving past joy. My definition… Continue reading Tbilisi


So, what are they?

Kuo Chiu = Lizard Lu Feng = Centipede Lo Mang = Toad Sun Chien = Scorpion Wei Pei = Snake


5 Deadly Venoms

When facing your enemy, you have to aim for his weakest point.Use the Buddha finger accurately, and you will find you will win whatever he should try to do.