A square is just an angry circle

Last night I returned home from my annual long weekend in Melbourne. By annual I mean that I spent the same weekend there last year, and it was of course Bits’ birthday then as well. That is partly why I choose this time, kind of a ‘two birds, one stone’ deal. I have sworn to myself that I won’t go into as much detail as last years blog.

We flew in on Saturday night for Bettina’s birthday held a new club called Madisons. The theme was “A touch of feather or leather” so there were many feather boas floating around. Adam, Chris, Ric and I had a few too many shots during the night, but I think Adam was the worst for wear. There will be photos. Some of them taken later in the night, if you take my meaning. By the end we were starting to run out of steam, and left the club after closing time at 1pm.

Hi Lite: not many smokers
Blog-related HiLite: I got a photo of a Box of DETPACKS!

Sunday morning was spent on recovery time, but after our bacon and eggs breakfast we went to the Victoria Street markets, which were not many blocks from Bettina’s and Adam’s place. I bought a wallet, but the highlite to me was busting some guy trying to steal a bike and using my deluded self confidence to think I could look after myself if it came to that. Luckily it didn’t, and we got some policemen to take care of it.

Sunday night was a BBQ, watching the ARL grand final. I am glad that Australia won. Afterwards we went to see a Fringe Festival production, which was a Cabaret type act. Hi Lite was the nudie fan dance. And the “arty” use of circles, from which came the title of this blog.

Sunday was breakfast at Fitzroy, followed by a haircut ($55!) and a trip out to St Kilda to walk along the pier. Yawn. It is not even close to Sydney. The chowder was OK though.

In summary, yet adding new facts: Melbourne is a great city, and although it lacks the beauty of Sydney, it makes up for it with a much more relaxed environment. Food is cheap. I would live there.


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