Ancient Indian Burial Ground

I just know it.

Suite 202 at work has to have been built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground. Anytime I have to work in that god-forsaken room I get nothing but problems. Take the last 6 work days for example. That’s 6! All to build 5 computers.

My first hint: don’t listen to them, just stick RIS on the same box as DHCP and DNS and AD, or you will bein a world of hurt.
My second hint: if you want the computernames to be their MAC address, don’t put more than a 2 digit prefix. When they are from the same batch you will get PXE wars. Not a pretty sight. Especially when you are sobbing and pounding the desk.

My third hint: don’t try and include Lotus Notes 5.0.5 in a riprep image. You will just have to reinstall it onto all the new machines anyway.

Enough of the hints, it is after 5:30am and I have not yet slept, preferring instead to spend the night getting things ready so that others might work happier. Oh God, I hope so…


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