BF1942: Spong is right

Spong and I bought BF1942 on Saturday. We spent most of the afternoon and night testing it. It was good in many ways (Berlin), but in one important way it was not good. Specifically: lag. It is the laggiest game I have ever played, especially on the larger maps. We’re talking 3 FPS here. It could be just that the gamearena admins are overloading their servers, but some surfing suggests the problem exists in the wild.

I still like the game, and I hope that a patch fixes up the netcode. I would hate for Spong to stay right. I mean, he loves Op Flashpoint for God’s sake. Geez. The boringest game in the world. Plus it has washed out gamma issues.

Dice, I know that you are reading this. Please fix it.


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