Introductory formal logic

Tell me. What do we do with witches?
Burn them! Burn, burn, burn!
And what do we burn apart from witches?
More witches!!! Wood!
Good. So why do witches burn?
…uh…*scratches head* *scratches nose* Cause they are made out of wood?
Goooood! So how do we tell wheter she is made of wood?
Build a bridge out of her!
Ahh! But can we not also make bridges out of stone?
oh yeah…
Does wood sink in water?
No! no, it floats! It floats! Throw her into the pond!!! Throw her throw her!! Yeah!!!!
What also floats in water?
Bread. Apples. Uh, very small rocks. Cider. A bowl of gravy. Cherries. Mud. Churches! churches! Lead lead! A duck! Ooooh.
Exactly! So logically…
if she weighs…the same as a duck…shes made of wood.
And therefore…
………a witch!


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