Jean-Claude Van Darryn

Have I mentioned that I am kickboxing? I never realised that it would be this much fun. All week I am hanging out for Saturday, I even train in the gym, which is not like me. I am not exactly at the stage where I can start fights at the pub, but when I am it will be OK, as kickboxing doesn’t seem to subscribe to the “only for defence” ideology of some of the less ruthless martial arts. I think this is some time away.

It is a long time since I have participated in a sport, but I am loving it. To be honest, the last time I felt like this was Tweekin, early 1997. I guess dancing is a sport also. Except in dancing people don’t consent to you hitting them. Or kicking them. I have very bruised shins from blocking roundhouse kicks all morning – my partner was not there so I trained with the teacher, in a way the pain made it more enjoyable becaue I felt more tough or something. This could be because as a teenager I watched Kickboxer, starring Jean-Claude, and learned that kickboxing is all about sharpening your shins by kicking trees until they fall over. I can understand that scene a lot more now. Will have to rent it again. Tom Po! Tom Po! I guess now I have two things in common with Jean-Claude.

Why do they never seem to have kickboxing on FOX Sports anymore? It used to always be on, but as soon as they found out that I was interested they axed it. I sent them an email about this. I await their response.

I definitely want to continue with kickboxing. I feel so calm afterwards, others have noticed the change. I have also noticed a change in my body, not much, but it is there. I am glad that Kirsten talked me into it.


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