Lima beans!

When I was a child, and even a teenager, I read books. Many of these books came from America, and in many of those the protagonist was a young boy, much like myself. There was a problem that many of them had in common: Lima Beans, or more specifically; getting rid of Lima beans. Their mothers would serve them up and they would have to go through all sorts of hijinks to get rid of the hateful things. If there was anything I learned from all of that reading it was this: Lima beans are no good.

Last week in the supermarket I came across a can of 3 Bean Mix, one of the trio being Lima. My curiosity aroused, I dropped them in the trolley. Tonight, I ate those beans in Kirsten’s famous Chili con Carne, and I have this to say: LIMA BEANS ROCK!!! As beans go, they have rocketed their way in my chart to number one, from number infinity.

I have requested that Kirsten put only Lima Beans in her next CCC. I await it as greedily as ever…


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