My next purchase : Battlefield 1942

I have been playing the MP Test of Battlefield 1942 and I am hooked. It is much more realistic than your Wolfenstein or DoD, or even MOHAA. Tobruk is like Tobruk. Wake Island is like Wake Island. Kirsten will probably have nightmares after seeing a German corpse loll back with fixed dead gaze towards me. Corpses are like corpses (except the IRL corpses don’t sort of fade away a few seconds later).

I like the terrain, I like using vehicles. I like parachuting out of planes because I can’t bloody fly the things. Tanks are fun. Deck Guns are fun. I had to turn the antialiasing up to “11” though, as the textures tended to be a bit flickery. If you get in a jeep, you are a sucker, and deserve to die by hand grenade. Softcock.

Stupid gamearena was password protected, so I had to pay for the bandwidth. It was worth it though. I was a real soldier, in a real war. I got a medal for ass-kickingness. It said so at the end.

This game is everything that Operaton:Flashpoint could have been. No gamma problems. Just radness.


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