Sideshow not Freakshow

I just got home from The Happy Sideshow’s performance at the the Sydney Opera House, in the Studio. This show was very much worth the small price of admission, you 90 minutes of entertainment for 25 bucks, no problems. Kisten took my brothers Reece and Aaron with us, and we went to City Extra so that Aaron culd have the Chocoholics Irresistable.

Seriously dude, check out the The Happy Sideshow’s website – I give them 4.5 stars – the .5 was because I was in the front row and afraid of getting singled out. This is more Merrick and Rosso’s fault that their own, I suspect. I do consider both of these performances to be ‘cultural experiences’ that warrant further investigation. I have tasted Opera enough to know that it is not my cup of tea. The SSO keeps me lost in thought. In a world of concesssions to adulthood, the last remnants of my youth fight stronger to stay alive, and performances like this sideshow give them power.

After the show I ran into Adam a.k.a. Rock Solid of Choko. It was good to see him, and he told me that they would be headlining at the Annandale on Friday the 24th (of May) and Bar Broadway on Thursday the 30th. I hope to buy him a beer then and have time to really catch up.


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