I have finally finished the Ghost Recon mission “Gold Mountain”, set in Tbilisi. I have been working on this mission for probably 2 weeks now, on and off. Spong and I have both independently decided that legacy games are the go and have been dusting off the old titles and reliving past joy. My definition of legacy may not be accurate to many, since Ghost Recon is from less than a year ago, but so many games have passed through my computers since then that it seems like ├Žons have passed.

Last night I also installed the latest version of Counter-Strike. It has probably been a year since I played it, and two years since I was really into it. It has aged. The environments are too fake looking, too low-poly, the textures are too scaled. On the plus side, at 1600×1200 I was getting 71fps. Not bad at all. Still, I won’t play it again.


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