A new beginning

A lot has happened in the last few months. Most of this I am not going to cover here. A summary of events since last I posted could read: “we moved”.

Kirsten and I are now more or less settled into our new apartment, and are enjoying our time here. The location is almost perfect, we are right in the middle of the shopping village, in a new building. Within 100m of our door there are: 90% of Lane Cove’s shops, a pub, a gym and a pool complex. Located where we are, we buy fresh ingredients for each meal that we cook, and we cook a lot.

The cats are settling in OK. Stimpy was settled in about 2 minutes. Basil is yet to be comfortable, but is progressing. This is Stimpy’s 8th move with me, so she is a bit blasé about the whole thing, whereas Basil attached himself when he returned to her apartment when the prvious tenants moved (he found his way home). Basil doesn’t like moving.

I am getting too boring now. Soon I will get back into the flow of blogging.


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