Laser webcam

I have a new special project: a robotic webcam. I got the idea from Ian, who has provided me with some support on the building of such a device.

The idea is to build a webcam that can be panned and tilted using wizardry and electrickery by the web user. There needs to be some kind of controlling device, some kind of electronic circuitry. This is a subject marked in my brain with a “here be dragons” sign. I am sans clue in this area, so it is my comfort-zone busting duty to learn.

Craigeaux is also keen, and as he already has the servos is a step ahead of me. I hope to do some kind of collaboration with him, perhaps host it as an andahalf site. I have come up with some cool ideas for the webcam:

  • it must incorporate lasers
  • it should have some kind of infrared mode, and an infrared lamp to illuminate discreetly at nighttime.

Watch the forum thread.


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