lovely ladies

I have ads on google. Those ads don’t only show on google, but also on thousands of other sites that syndicate ads from google. Sometimes I get clicks from sites that seem to be quite unrelated to me. I don’t know what makes google decide that I am an appropriate ad choice.

Today I got a hit from here. It seems to be a forum for sad men who have a fetish for TV news anchors. It is full of screen captures of TV news shows, with excited captions telling us about how incredibly hot these average women are. They seem to be particularly enamoured of newsanchors’ legs. There is even a forum called Pantyhose Legs Pic Post. There is a thread called, and I am not making this up, Best Of Southern Charms: The Hottest Legs: Part 7! I did not add the exclamation mark.

I do not endorse these forums, nor suggest that you follow any of these links. You might have nightmares.


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