Media Frenzy

Remember Trasher 2? It is a Russian website that has a few images that interest me. I really wanted to know how he got that “corrupted” look. I posted messages on newsgroups asking for help, but no-one knew how. I was stumped. I could not find out how to do it. The Internet had failed me.

Until it struck me. If I want an image to look corrupted, then what better way than to corrupt it? Out comes the hex editor. Ramdomly replacing stuff with 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 etc. does the trick. Some nice corrupted images. I just need to experiment with it a bit to get what I want. Maybe add some jpeg atrefacts using cheap-ass encoders on a low setting.

I thought I could share this discovery with you while I am waiting for a video to render. That’s the other thing I am doing. I am making my own DVDs. Not “making my own DVDs, *wink*”, but actual from-camera-to-DVD type videos. I am going through and converting my DV and VHS footage to DVD. I have tried a few production apps, but they are either too complicated or too simple. Now I have discovered Vegas and I am hooked. It is exactly at the level I want, and it has an attractive, intuitive interface. I recommend it.

When I have a few videos finished I will add a ‘videos’ section to to share some of the videos. I warn you, they will only be of interest to those who are actually in them.


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