Melbourne again, forever

I have just returned from a week in Melbourne. The trip was supposed to be for three days, but there was a problem that kept me in the office. By Sunday night I had everything perfect and working and ready to go, the Melbourne office was singing. At 9:30 on Monday morning Telstra cut off the internet line for no reason. Thanks to their red tape, we did not have internet again until Wednesday morning. So I had to stay in Melbourne and extra 3 days. Y.A.Y.

It wasn’t all bad – I had about 3 hours off during the extra days, and I spent them well. I went in to Federation Square and saw the Sidney Nolan exhibition “Desert and Drought”. It was a lot of paintings of the red centre, photos of dessicated cow and horse carcases, and paintings of dessicated cow and horse carcases. The red centre paintings didn’t excite me (except those painted on glass), but the carcase work was interesting. That doesn’t make me weird or anything.

I also got a chance to go into Richmond, where I bought some shoes and had my hair cut (at Biba).

Eating wise, I had Pho in Little Vietnam, Unagi (OMG!) in South Melbourne, Greek in East Richmond and chicken at Ian’s. Melbourne food is so cheap, 2/3 price, maybe less. This doesn’t make up for being away from home for six days.


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