The return of Shifty

I resurrected SOF2, an old favourite, this morning. After months of Battlefield 1942, SOF2 runs so fucking smoothly. I think I will have to wait for a GF6 and 6GHz processor before I can say the same for BF1942.

I thought I would be rusty and get 0wnz0red, and be someone’s bitch, but instead it was I who 0wnz0red. I think that all of my co-players, both red and blue, were all teenagers. That’s just the demographic, but there was more. They don’t seem to have much cross-game experience in FPS, no history. They were in clans, this means that they have time to go to practice, and to go to wars. Kids.

At the end of the last map, my score was 107. My nearest rival was 32. This was not because of some amazing ability on my part, I think it was due to my years of experience in the genre. You see, I know that the object of CTF maps is flag-related. They do not. They seem to think it is somehow ratio related. My score reflects that I captured the enemy flag 8 times, and got 27 frags. Only one other player captured a flag, and that was Mr. 32.

BTW my ratio was 27/21, so by their standards I suck ass. Unfortunately when they thought that, they were thinking from their cold, flagless corpses.


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