Thinking of moving

I hate moving.

Our lease runs out today. We always intended to continue on the standard week-by-week basis, moving never crossed our minds. Until our property manager seemed to become insecure a few weeks ago and started asking us what we are going to do. The second time that she asked, I realised that I had an option. If I felt like it, I could leave. Away from the wonderful Pizza Hut drivers and their friends who entertain me nightly with their melodious car horns, boomchuka and donuts, 10m from my bedroom window. Away from the washing machine that sounds like a helicopter and trips the circuit breaker every time it goes into spin cycle. Away from the lift that lights up a different floor to the one you pressed, the garage that is only accessible from the lift (sometimes broken) and the garage door (sometimes broken). Away from the omnipresent smells of the kebab shop. I should also mention the incredibly inconvenient car-stacker parking spot, which lost its lustre after about a week.

Moving also takes me away from the air-conditioning. Away from the dishwasher. Away from <100m to gym, pool, supermarket, 20 restaurants/cafés, bus, shops. Away from the city.

I am still in a tug-of-war between my head and my heart. I think the head will win, it is stronger, and I believe that it has a better case. Case for the head: The bad things could go away; I could save over $100 week in rent; and I don’t really take advantage of the lcoation. Case for the heart: I live in such a nice place; cats are allowed; and the location is very convenient. Also: moving sucks.

So I mentioned that I became conscious of the option. Around this time I popped over to Tristan’s place as part of his campaign to get me onto Live. I visited at about 8pm on a Saturday night. At my apartment, this is Volume City. At Tristan’s townhouse it was very peaceful. As I walked through the gardens, smelling the tree-generated air, bathed in the tranquility, something clicked in my head. The option grew. I could live here.

I informed Kirsten of my new thinking, and it is understatement to say that her face lit up. That pretty much sealed it, and I hopped straight onto domain to see what I could see. The target area has quite a lot of available townhouses and it is just a matter of finding the right one.

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