Tristan Victorious.

I now have an Xbox. I also have Xbox Live!. I have resisted both for some time, but He has been persistent, to the point of giving me an Xbox, and giving me Live!. So tonight I signed my life away to the headset, which rewarded me by telling me that I was a bitch, with an American accent. I felt a small thrill. Intimacy and anonymity.

I don’t actually own any games at this point, so I am playing MotoGP and MechAssault from the Live! CD (DVD?) at the moment. I am kind of waiting for Crimson Skies to be available – Gabe tells me that it is kick-ass, and has for some time. I think CS is a fitting gift for Tristan, kind of an in-kind kind of thing.

It has been my long held belief that consoles were good for one thing only: fighting games. My SNES was used almost exclusively for Mortal Kombat. My Playstation for Tekken 3 and Soul Blade. I don’t have a lot of XBox experience, but I have previously enjoyed Dead Or Alive 3, and have heard that Kung Fu Chaos is pretty amusing.

That said, when Craig lent me his Xbox some months ago, I really enjoyed playing MechAssault single player, and also JetSet Radio Future (cel shading). I need to reignite the MechAssault skills if I am to survive the American men who kill me and then tell me that I am their bitch. Live! voice is, as TK persisted, the killer app. It is the motivation to continue. I must improve. To rub their faces in it. They. The voices. I must beat them.

I play as Shifty77*.

Bastard! I just noticed that he blogged this before me, or at least this subject. I know that this blog is targeted at me, part of the irresistable campaign that he has been waging for the last few weeks. But he did not know this: that he has won. I have Live. I have played Live. I will keep playing Live.

*(Why do all old tweekers have 77 in their name? Perhaps it really was special, not just in my head.)


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