XIII Mousing nightmare

Thanks to the recommendations from Spong and Penny Arcade, I downloaded the demo of XIII. Its draw is that it is a cell-shaded FPS. I liked Jet Set Radio Future for the cell-shading, and I love FPS games, so my hopes were high. Until I fell victim to the mouse bug. It seems that in certain circumstances XIII decides that your mouse is not accelerated enough, and compensates for this. A lot. A millimetre movement of the physical mouse equates to a 4-5 degree movement on screen, and that is when the game is set to minimum mouse sensitivity. this problem renders the game unplayable.

Thanks to the people on the UbiSoft forums who “solved” this problem for me: you need to go to Windows Control Panel and turn mouse sensitivity to zero. Then move the mouse downwards for 2 minutes* to get to the Start button, and play the game. Don’t forget to move the mouse upwards for 2 minutes* so that you can up the sensitivity again after you have played the game.

Once this hurdle was overcome, I enjoyed the demo. It is only 2 levels, but it is enough to give you a taste. And I like the taste. I will buy it when it is released on 3 conditions:

  • they fix the bloody mouse problem
  • it is harder than the demo
  • it has saves

*I actually used keyboard shortcuts.


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