XO Sauce

Craig has really got me thinking about XO sauce. I always see it on the menu, but it is so mysterious that I have to run it through my Anglification filter to know what it is: HP sauce. I think HP sauce wouldn’t go well with seafood, hence neither could XO sauce. I have never tried it.

The whole thing turned on its head when Craig revealed to us that the place where consumed his XO sauce was Golden Century. I assume it is the Golden Century that kicks ass and brings out live critters to amuse and delight the customer. The Golden Centrury that is in my opinion one of the best restauarants in Sydney. I love it.

If Craig goes to Golden Century, looks at the wealth of tasty dishes available to him, and he knowingly chooses XO sauce, then this means something. It is possible that i might have unfairly judged XO sauce.

XO Sauce: Craig’s recommendation has convinced me. Next week I will go and open up a new world of flavour. More to come …


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