I have been using Mozilla Firefox as my secondary browser for the last few weeks, and I am impressed. I use Avant Browser most of the time, but I am noticing that I am gradually increasing my use of Firefox. I chose Avant over Internet Explorer because it has tabbed browsing and cool middle mouse button… Continue reading Firefox

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Enjoy® DialUp

Due to the Issues mentioned in a previous post, we do not have a high-speed connection in the Melbourne office at the moment, and this is where I am. We are currently making do with a dialup connection, which basically limits us to email and the most basic of services. I have had to set… Continue reading Enjoy® DialUp

It DID happen

So here I am in Melbourne. Once again there are problems that might prevent me from going home. Once again this is because of Telstra. Our Melbourne branch is in the process of moving offices, which means that new phone lines need to be installed before the move, and one of the analog lines needs… Continue reading It DID happen

It is happening again. I just know it.

Tonight I fly to Melbourne for 2 days. It won’t be two days. It never is. If I am back in a week it will be a miracle. Telstra is involved. I wish that Telstra was a person, so that I could murder them.

good-bye Stimpy

poor little kitty This afternoon I buried Stimpy, my beloved pet and friend of 11 years, at her favourite spot in my Dad’s garden. She led a very happy life and was loved by everyone. Stimpy has lived with me since March 1993, when she was 5 weeks old. Being so young, I think, she imprinted on me… Continue reading good-bye Stimpy

Tips for linux developers

I bought my first linux cd in 1997, it was Yggdrasil linux. It was very exciting, a free UNIX that I could install on my own PC! What possibilities! Since then I have installed a few different flavours of linux, enjoying the challenge of trying to get it working before going back to good old… Continue reading Tips for linux developers

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