Dat kan niet

I was reading the “Foreigners in the Netherlands” group on orkut last night and I came across something that confirmed many of my fears about what I will be experiencing in less than six months. I have to admit that it put me off a bit. So all you Dutchies, start convincing me otherwise in… Continue reading Dat kan niet

Defend the Shield Generator

So of course I bought the Star Wars DVDs on Wednesday. When I got it home, I decided to watch the special features first, so I inserted that disc into my DVD player. My DVD player is my XBox, and it was like a special Christmas when a special menu popped up, asking if I… Continue reading Defend the Shield Generator

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6 Months to go

Today it is exactly six months until I leave Australia to live in The Netherlands. I am excited about the adventure, and both Kirsten and I are dedicated to saving and preparation. I am gradually building up a Dutch vocabulary and am getting to the point where I can form rudimentary sentences. Ik spreek een… Continue reading 6 Months to go