GDI+ is pissing me off

I thought GDI+ was supposed to be good. I am sure that it is better than whatever came before, but as far as I can tell its JPEG encoding is poor. Consider the following code, which creates a BMP format file from a System.Drawing.Image: System.Drawing.Image myImage = thumbnail( afileName ); //makes the image ImageCodecInfo myImageCodecInfo;… Continue reading GDI+ is pissing me off

How I got started

The first computer I ever used was a Vector Graphics Vector 3 which ran CP/M. My Dad brought it home when I was six years old and I became immediately enamoured of this device for two reasons: it had a space game; and to load the game you had to enter “boot floppy” at the… Continue reading How I got started

One step closer

This afternoon I took and passed the CompTIA exam 220-302 A+ Operating Systems Technologies. With this result I have completed the requirements for the A+ 2003 certification. Something to put on the resumé, and a part of my uni course. Once again the exam was a doddle and required no study. I finished it in… Continue reading One step closer


The lawn – it matters

You can tell that Summer is almost here when the grass starts to grow. Last mown in April, the lawn lay dormant throughout Winter and sprung* to life in September, requiring a thorough mowing by mid-October. Not even four weeks later and the grass is overgrown and badly needs a mow. Weather permitting this will… Continue reading The lawn – it matters


Kip and I watched The Passion of the Christ last night. I am not a Christian, although I went to a Christian school and so knew the story. Despite my lack of faith, the film moved me. I hear people say that some disturbing thing ‘sickens’ them, and always thought it was a figure of… Continue reading Untitled