6 Months to go

Dutch FlagToday it is exactly six months until I leave Australia to live in The Netherlands. I am excited about the adventure, and both Kirsten and I are dedicated to saving and preparation. I am gradually building up a Dutch vocabulary and am getting to the point where I can form rudimentary sentences. Ik spreek een klein beetje Nederlands, maar ik versta een beetje Nederlands.

I am a bit worried about work when I am over there. Although everyone keeps telling me that IT jobs are easy to get, all the job ads seem to be for Java programmers. The salaries of the few infrastructure roles that I have seen have been lower than what I currently earn in Australia. This is a worry, since all my costs will be doubled (everything costs twice as much over there). I suspect that I will be living in a single room, eating only rice.



  1. Try living in London, everything is 3 times the price!! You will be fine and you will get a great job. Don’t even worry about it. Hurry up and come so Jez and I can visit.

  2. Yes. And take me to the Greek Islands. So I can be horribly drunk and annoying in quiet places.

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