Bullet Proof

Kirsten gave me a road bike.

It is not in the best condition, but it serves its purpose well. I have so far been on 5 rides with it, two of them over 14 km, and the last one being 29.1 km. It is during this last ride that I discovered a feature of the bike that had not previously captured my attention: the tyres were not in good condition. I know this because they are bald; in some places I can see structural mesh; they are wavy-looking; and mostly because I got two punctures during that 29 km ride.

I resolved to do something about this so today I went to the bike shop and asked for the most puncture-resistant tyres that they had. I was offered tyres that are made from kevlar! I didn’t see that I had a choice – if something has kevlar then a purchase is automatic. I left the shop whistling happily and dreaming of a life fighting crime from atop my bulletproof bicycle.


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