Someone broke in to my car on Saturday night. I did not discover the break-in until Sunday afternoon, when I found the car to be unlocked, with the driver’s seat all the way reclined and everything scattered throughout the car. The contents of the glove compartment, door and console had been ripped out and thrown on the floor and seats. They left almost everything, money, CD’s, sunglasses, the lot. The only thing that seems to be missing is the warranty papers for my engine, which I had replaced in 2001. The thing that pisses me off is that they bumped the indicator stick, and so my battery was flat when I needed to use the car.

When I reported the incident to the police I was surprised to hear that my story was not unusual. Apparently it is very common for the seat to get reclined during a car break-in, and also the theft of papers is more common than other contents. The operator informed me that they use the papers for rebirthing stolen cars, or committing other kinds of fraud.

As Kirsten’s car is currently experiencing issues, I let her take my car to work today, and I caught the bus. This decision has a slightly disappointing consequence – just as I was about to leave for the bus I was visited by the Police fingerprint squad, who had come to dust my car for prints. If only they had told me! The nice police lady told me that a house 3 doors down had been broken into around the same time as my car so it was possibly the same perp.

*she didn’t actually say ‘perp’


  1. Rebirthing is one possible option.

    I like to think it’s a collector, though. Someone proving that they can break into any kind of car to their friends, by the collection of certificates they keep under the bed.

    It doesn’t fit that the same guy would break into a house and a car though. Unless he’s also collecting title deeds?

    Perp, are you out there? Can you help me understand you? I Have Been In Your Dreams.

  2. My car was broken into once, everything gone through, yet not a thing taken, not even the papers. I think they were looking for keys, we’ve got a problem here in St. Louis with kids stealing cars for joy rides and not having any real penalties if caught.

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