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At work we have a license for Adobe Acrobat, and it is my machine that gets the honours. This is not much of a problem as we do not produce PDF documents too often. When we do, we basically use Acrobat as a printer, we do not create fancy forms or anything like that. Acrobat has a lot of features, a lot of settings that you can tweak. Too bad the images always look like crap when it recompresses them.

At home I do not have an Acrobat license, yet I sometimes want to make PDFs. I have tried messing with GhostScript before but it was too complicated. Today I did a search and found CutePDF Printer. It is an awesome freeware app that does all that I need, i.e. it prints to PDF files. As far as I can tell it has only one setting: the file location. It produces much better quality images than Acrobat, it doesn’t seem to recompress the images at all.

Verdict: If you want to produce the occasional small PDF file and don’t need the fancy features, get CutePDF.

*I just read the help file, and apparently CutePDF uses GhostScript, just in a user-friendly kind of way.

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  1. where is the pdf file located ? I do not get any dialog box asking for the file location –

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