Dutch Delights

My recent posts concerning the Netherlands have prompted Bea into action, and on Friday I received a parcel in the mail, containing treats and presents.

The treats were Chocolade Kruid Noten mix and Gevulde Speculaas. The kruid noten are chocolate covered spiced biscuits which remind me of a Mint Slice without the mint. They are quite nice to eat. Speculaas is a kind of sweet cake for eating with coffee. Gevulde means that it is filled, in this case with a kind of almond paste stuff. This was also very nice. Kirsten and I enjoyed our treats and they are now all gone.

My two presents were both books, one Dutch language course and one tourist guide book. Prisma taaltraining – Nederlands voor anderstaligen is by far the best Dutch language course I have seen. It is well thought out and organised and comes with two audio CD’s, meaning that I can learn at my desk if Kirsten is not there to laugh at me. The other book is Verrassend Nederland, literally “Surprising Netherlands”. This Dutch language book explains the points of interest in the different parts of the Netherlands. I can only understand about 15% of it at this point so I will need to work through both books together.

So all up, a very pleasant surprise!


  1. my mum likes you! Also she doesn’t want to take the risk that you won’t want to come to NL as this may mean I won’t come 🙂

  2. Care packages rule! 🙂 It’s great that you are starting to learn the language before you leave. It will make things so much easier for you when you get here.

    I have a really good program as well that I bought from Amazon. It’s called Learn Dutch Now! It has language lessons plus games like crossword puzzles and other things to try to make it interesting. If you like I can burn a copy and ship it off to you 🙂

    I just realized how weird it must be that I always post here, since we’re strangers. I just find this fascinating and like hearing the thoughts of someone who is about to make the same move I made.

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