I have been using Mozilla Firefox as my secondary browser for the last few weeks, and I am impressed. I use Avant Browser most of the time, but I am noticing that I am gradually increasing my use of Firefox. I chose Avant over Internet Explorer because it has tabbed browsing and cool middle mouse button stuff. Firefox has all of the features that made me choose Avant, except it does not use IE to render the page (as Avant does). This is a dual-edged sword. Firefox has PNG transparency and all the fancy standards-compliance stuff. IE lacks this but, in reality, whatever IE supports is the standard since everyone uses IE.

I can see that Firefox will replace Avant as my main browser, but for the time being I must also use IE. Basically, the only things that keep me using IE are the toolbar support and DHTML Edit Control (for writing blog entries).

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  1. I should mentiont hat the Mozilla Thunderbird mail/news client is a crap newsreader, Outlook Express is better.

    You can’t sort by columns! Nothing happens when you click them.

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