Joint Operations

This is not a review.

I bought this game last week and I would have to say that I am addicted. As the quote on their homepage says: It is my Battlefield 1942 replacement, not that I have played Battlefield for a while. As usual, Spong got me onto the game through his blog. [Update 11/7] I am still addicted to JOPS.

The main problem I have with JOPS is this: my computer is too slow. I have not upgraded it for 18 months, save for replacing failed parts. I have resolved that I will not be upgrading it until I return from the Netherlands in 2006. This leaves me stuck in a quandary: knowing that I could be enjoying a silky smooth gaming experience, and knowing that the same money could pay for my plane ticket. I wonder if I will, in a weaker moment, succumb to the the pressure. My friends have already questioned my masculinity (my geek friends of course).

Until this, I really have not been playing any games at all for months. I forgot how fun it can be.

The only games I have really played in the last 6 months have been all XBox games, mostly on Live. Top Spin and Project Gotham Racing 2 would definitely be the standouts.

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