Spong got me to play PGR2 on Xbox Live last night, as he was hosting. I haven’t played on Live for months as Kip was getting jealous that I would talk to strangers on Live when I could have been talking to her, and I cut down a bit. I guess I got used to it and forgot that I had the capacity to play Live, that and I felt guilty playing as I always have work to do. Kirsten is away at uni and I have finished my uni work, so last night was a good time to return to the Live world. As soon as I loaded Gotham it all came flooding back; the sights, the sounds, the smells. It truly is a great game, although I am not great at it. I failed to finish last on only two races, once because the guy I beat was concentrating entirely on crashing in to me, and once because the same guy stopped short of the finish line and then tried to reverse into me, with the intention of crashing. I really need* to practise more.

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  1. j00 wi11 p3r15h.

    Seriously, I want to race again, and I want you to get good at it. Not quite as good as me, but pretty good.

    I am sick so maybe it would be fairer atm? 🙂

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