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A post in progress…

I am currently in the process of setting up systems to provide more accurate and widespread monitoring of the infrastructure at both home and work. Generally I set these things up at home first, and then implement them at work.

I have previously written about mrtg, but I am now using/experimenting with the following:

I have to say that pycron rocks, installs as a service on my 2k3 server and i replaced my 56 at jobs with just a few cron jobs. I also no longer need FireDaemon or SrvAny. So much easier. I also got Squid working last night, it seems OK, haven’t noticed any speed difference (perhaps a bit slower). I went 250Mb over my download quota last month, so hopefully this will help. 250Mb is almost $40 at BigPond prices. Ouch.

More tomorrow…

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