Orkut crazy

I have only been on Orkut for less than two days and I am already addicted. It is fun to build up a network and surf the people. The novelty is certainly a factor, I imagine things will slow down once I stop adding people that I know, but I am still enjoying it. I understand that the concept of a social networking site is nothing new, but this is the first time I have cared to join one. I think that this is because the site is invitation only. It is hard* to get in. So it has value, the other sites did not.

Orkut is very slow.

If I know you and you want me to invite you to Orkut, add a comment.

[Update 5 June] Orkut have made some infrastructure changes overnight and now it is fast


  1. Orkut is often slow, and the lack of a keyless sign-on option is really starting to bug me.

    If it’s asp.net, they could just allow passports, surely? 🙂

  2. Orkut is veryyyy slow. Wonder when it adopts google’s tech of distributed computing and abandons windoze.

  3. Actually orkut runs off ASP.NET, a different technology. It can handle a whole lot more than 1000 users, the limit is the server capacity and bandwidth.

    Micorosoft.com runs on ASP.NET and it is one of the top 5 websites in the world (by traffic).

  4. Emma, I have invited you twice. It is possible that your spam filter has blocked the invitation email. If you didn’t get any invites then contact me via this website.

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