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I am slowly moving towards .text, eventually I will extend it to the point that it replaces the white.darryn.net interface and moves from blog.darryn.net to www.darryn.net. I have exported all my blog data to the .text format, and I am currently working on an app to export all the photo data. After that I will write the necessary stuff to add to .text the features that I want. Which creates a problem.

I want to add features to .text to satisfy my requirements. I need to make changes to the database. I am not a Real Programmer, I am an infrastructure/networking type of guy. I cannot contribute code to the .text project, because my code is shit, it does the job in the right conditions but real programmers would die of fear if they saw my actual code. If I don’t contribute code I risk breaking my extensions every time a new release of .text comes around. I will email Scott and ask him what he suggests.

Related is that there is no winforms photo management tool for the .text photo albums AFAIK. Photon is a great tool for the darryn.net engine, but only two sites use it and I am moving both of those to .text. So I need to write Photon v3 to work with .text photo albums. There is definitely a market for this as there are thousands of .text blogs out there. There are two problems. .Text does not have the web services to support Photon, and I am not a Real Programmer (IANAP). I can write a Photon 3 that will work for those of us who have direct access to the SQL server, but I imagine that most will not, and I am over my head when it comes to helping them.


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