The Prodigy’s new album – highly unrecommended

‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’ is the new album by The Prodigy. This is one of this week’s Feature Albums on Triple JJJ, a decision I find highly suspect. Had they listened to the album I am sure that they would not have made it Album of the Week. I did not buy the album but as Feature Album I have heard a few of the songs and I they are universally shit not very good. I enjoyed their music, ten years ago, but it does not seem to have progressed. Instead in my mind’s eye I see a bunch of worn out old men desperately struggling to remember the formula without success.




  1. I was really surprised when I heard what JJJ were playing; it sounded like every other derivative big beat band, only possibly more boring.

    I wasn’t blown away. Hmm. First Massive Attack, now Prodigy cranking out so-so albums. Who’s next? Will The Corrs produce a flop?

  2. Dude! How could you say they havent progressed? If i were to ignorantly listen to their first album, then their second, then their third, I honestly couldnt tell you they were the same group. Every one of their albums is strikingly differant. I havent heard much about their new album but I have heard its like The Fat of the Land. Ta.

  3. I’m a huge Prodigy fan but hugely disappointed with the new album. It’s not the Prodigy it’s Liam locked in his bedroom mixing for too many years on his own. Gutted.

  4. shhhiiiiiiittttttt.. you ppl forget who started it oll… i dispecie u and i will hunt you till i find you and then ill make you sleep whit the fish……………………………………………blob…..blob……blo……._____……………..hehehehehee. søren from denmark

  5. I just recently bought there new album, it starts off ruff with SpitFire. Girls was ok, memphis Bells sounds like it would have been on Fat of the Land, with elements of Jilted Generation. The first 6 songs are good man. Solid work. I was surprised that they didnt include the song Rohibnal, i think thats the title, they released that video to MTV2(the one with the strippers milking thecows) I thought that song was tops. Also what happened to keith, mc maxim and leroy? it sounds like keith is on some of the tracks but someone else is singing, or he’s not getting cred for it in the sleve, and why doesnt liam have faith in maxim to spit shit on the album? What ev’s its a good buy.

  6. o fuck me! sorry it was Baby’s got a Temper that i was thinking about, sorry about that.and i still dont know why they didnt include that cong on their. it was kicked ass.

  7. fuking hell the prodigy r still great … thre new album has a few songs which rnt gr8 like shootdown, but spitfire, girls, memphis bell, ACTION RADAR thre all bloody gr8

  8. Bit of an old comment forum but anywho… it’s arty it’s loud… it’s different… a good piece of work from prodigy… who ever says otherwise isn’t pumping the volume high enuff… also the more you listen to it the more the songs draw you in

  9. Ey guys The Prodigy is always one step in front of the world, when the music is in the question

  10. I LOVE THE PRODIGY, i bought the cd when it came out and it was great! the only bad thing was that Keith didn’t cooperate in this album (except for “BABY’S GOT A TEMPER” but Liam didn’t wanna include that song in the new cd… which i don’t know why because it was an AWESOME SONG) was a bummer ’cause i think Keith is the best!!! (and so freaking hot!!!) , but after all it is a very energetic album and if you don’t like it SHUT THE FUCK UP =)

  11. BTW I’M A HUGE FAN OF THE PRODIGY! and i’m not gonna let you say bad things about the band ’cause they ROCK!!!

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