Some photos up

I am at a bar in KL airport that has wireless so I uploaded a pre-written post and added some more photos to my holiday galleries: Kuala Lumpur Singapore Pulau Langkawi Pulau Penang I have notes for quite a few many more posts and I hope to write them on the plane and post when… Continue reading Some photos up

Day 5: Singapore to KL

We got up early as our bus to KL was due to depart at 8am. We got there at about 7:50 and were the first to arrive. The bus was sitting there with the engine on and no driver and no other passengers. We loaded our luggage and proceeded to wait…eventually a few more passengers… Continue reading Day 5: Singapore to KL

Paper money

Remember 15 years ago when money was made out of paper? Well now I am reliving the horror. Both Malaysia and Singapore use paper money and I am not pleased with it. It gets all scrunkled up in my pocket and falls on the ground when I put my hand in.

KL Day 2

After our simple breakfast we headed out to the National Mosque. Kirsten wore her head scarf (purchased earlier) and I remembered to wear long pants, I even shaved well just in case. The mosque was very beautiful, and from the inside did not look so much like the Jedi Temple, there was a comfortable feeling… Continue reading KL Day 2

KL Day 1 continued

After my last post we went to an area called Bangsar to drink and hopefully get satay. This neon lit area is a few square blocks of bars and market stalls, a bit ex-pat but also for trendy locals.We looked around for satay, found a few places but the hygiene looked very much on the… Continue reading KL Day 1 continued