Day 16: Zutphen

Being the the first weekday in the Netherlands, and a foreigner with a Working Holiday Visa, I had to register with the Vreemdelingenpolitie (Stranger Police). With my visa sticker in my passport came a letter telling me that I have to register with the Stranger Police in Zutphen, and then within three days of that… Continue reading Day 16: Zutphen

Day 14: Deventer

I was woken rudely at 6:21 by a bird call that sounded exactly like an alarm clock beep. I tried to get back to sleep with no result, my brain hammered by this bird. I listened to its call, a repeating pattern: 5-5-4-5-5-4 (five beeps, followed by a pause, then five, pause, four etc). Being… Continue reading Day 14: Deventer


At about 12:30AM on the 29th of March 2005 an earthquake measuring 8.4 on the Richter scale occurred off the coast of Sumatera, not too far from us. We were violently awoken by the bed flipping, Exorcist style, and the creaking noise as the highrise hotel tried to twist itself apart. The main part of… Continue reading Day 10: EARTHQUAKE!

Day 9: Pulau Penang

We slept in and had a lazy morning just swimming. We took a cab to Kuah and then caught the ferry to Georgetown (Penang) which is scheduled as a 2.5 hour journey. About 90 minutes into the voyage we stopped dead in the middle of the sea and were dead in the water for 45… Continue reading Day 9: Pulau Penang