Anakin’s father

Kip and I were watching Revenge of the Sith the other night and she came to a startling conclusion. It is her suspicion that Palpatine is Anakin’s father.

1) Anakin was “spawned by the midichlorians”.

2) Palpatine can use the Dark Side to influence the midichlorians to “create life”.

3) Profit

[Update] I have corrected this theory and posted it at Pinkjoint: Anakin’s Father.

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  1. Wow, evil begets evil.

    At the end of Jedi, this means that Luke and Anakin kill their grandfather.

    Now, I don’t know a lot about Jedi philosophy, but in my philosophy people who kill their own grandfathers are evil.

    We know from Sith and Jedi that a single evil act is enough to push you down the dark path, so we can conclude that episode 7 will be titled “Revenge of the Sith, Again”.

  2. Wait – didn’t the mother say the father’s name was “Naughtius Maximus”?

  3. Yes, but two wrongs make a right, so that would instantly make it a super-righteous Jedi act promoting them both instantly to Jedi Master (with bonus force pull)

  4. ur all wrong, darth plagus is anikans father. schmi or however u spell it tells qui-gon that anakin has no father, qui-gon notices that anakin has a unusually high michlorian count. palpatine explains that darth plagus could convince the melchlorians to make life. than he looked over at anakin. this shows that darth plagus is anakins real father and if u read further ino the series it shows that darth plagus is his father and luke kills the emporer in a lightsaber dual

  5. I agree, Darth Plagus is the father. Darth Sidius tells Darth Vador that together the two of them can learn the mysteries that Darth Plagus had learned.

  6. It is not Palpatine, Plagius, or the midichlorians. Granted, Plagius was in an early version of the script, but it was taken OUT which means the books and the movies do not have to agree.

  7. Well who cares whos right lets just leave it at someone did something (orsomeone) and Anakin was born end of story lol

  8. How it seems that Darth Plagus could of been anakins creater but not his father. There’s alot of different views on this and there’s only one person is the world that knows is GL. With Sidious’s story to anakin about bringing life was a plot to bring anakin to the darkside and kill pad’ame. So anakin will be in regret and full of hate and will unleash his anger upon the galaxy. But it didn’t work as planned when anakin thought he kill his wife and child a big part of anakin died and he was just a shadow of his former self

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