Best birthday ever

Just got home from my ‘friends’ birthday dinner (as opposed to the ‘family’ birthday dinner). What a great time, at my favourite restaurant: Taiki in Lane Cove. I can still taste the Kabayaki* now, what heaven! I have a great bunch of friends and I am sure that we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Chris, Tristan and I enjoyed a few servings of tasty sake each and the mood was particularly jovial at our end of the table, although at one point we overheard Kellie, Kirsten, Nicola, Scott and Bits having a much racier conversation than ours (we were discussing The Muppets). Adam and Stephen were also in the Muppets conversation making it Boys vs Girls (sorry Scott).

On the gift front, I scored very well. Tristan and Kellie gave me the Senheiser headset that I have been lusting over, and Scott and Nicola gave me the elusive Waratahs jersey: quite appropriate. Stephen hooked me up with a handy phrasebook (it has a section on Alcohol), a waterproof camera protector and a Traveler’s Tube of Vegemite (to keep me strong).

Thanks to everyone who was there and who gave me such a great night.

*Kabayaki = super tasty grilled eel

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